Building alignment between a brand and its retail network

Even when a brand has already been voted the ‘best place to work’ within a major automotive group they cannot stand still. They have to keep progressing to attract and retain the best talent, develop and improve processes and to nourish a culture that can effectively deliver their strategy within a challenging and rapidly changing industry.

We were asked by a market leading commercial vehicle NMSC to help ensure continued performance improvement by strengthening the alignment between a brand and its vast number of retail centres across the UK.

The Deeper Blue team commenced an extensive research and insight programme. The results, and its interpretation, underpinned a new set of attitudes and behaviours to help strengthen the relationship between internal teams and to further unite the brand and its retail network.

We then carefully crafted interactive and connected live and digital workshop experiences that shifted mindsets, empowered individuals and embedded the behaviours throughout the network and the brand.

In following up we are working closely with the brand to ensure that the behaviours are sustained through a regular drumbeat of high impact communications.

Impact: All brand employees and 90% of the retail network took part in our live and digital events. A very strong 9.8 score resulted and our programme is now extending to focus on key strategic areas. These include the creation of powerful induction programmes and a ‘Used Sales Forum’ focussing on sustained profitability.

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