Joining up the dots to create a frictionless experience

With the Brexit announcement bringing a certain degree of uncertainty to the automotive market, Vauxhall’s focus on responding to the changing expectations of savvy customers also intensified. Our advice was simple. Streamline the approach to three internal elements of: tools, processes and people…and along the way develop deeper, better connections across the business to make the customer experience ‘frictionless’.

We sent our DB team of ‘insight gatherers’ and writers into the organisation to understand more about internal tools and processes and how we could best simplify the communication of updates to the network to ensure smooth and effective implementation.

Armed with this knowledge we developed compelling content, including workshops and a series of cross-department films, which delivered not only Vauxhall’s strategy but exactly how, when and why the network should buy into it. In the weeks leading up to the UK wide ‘Connected’ roadshow we also enlisted the focus and support of Vauxhall’s Field Force to ensure the messaging was being delivered as a constant positive drumbeat across all retailer communications.

Upon implementation, a personalised digital portal ensured the network could view assets, ask questions and measure their progress against an agreed set of KPIs.

Our aim was for the ‘Connected’ roadshow to describe succinctly all the major initiatives Vauxhall are undertaking both at HQ and also out in the network. With a really strong collective metric across the UK delegates of 91% the Connected roadshow moved the ‘cultural change needle’ substantially.

The future strategies were addressed with innovation and conviction by the leadership team and has already resulted in a sustained attitudinal change in the network’s approach to a connected and more integrated customer service.