Accelerating sales and building brand loyalty in the virtual world

Triumph Motorcycles planned to showcase the new Tiger 900 Rally Pro to conquest prospects through a series of live events in UK showrooms. When coronavirus put a stop to that, Deeper Blues digital team redesigned the consideration experience as a virtual event and at a broadcast time that absolutely suited the audience.

The virtual showcase was hosted in a dealership by a senior Triumph representative and a professional presenter from the biking world. Supported by a compelling product film, screened at the top of the showcase, that provided the features and benefits headlines.

In the informative and relaxed virtual workshop, the guests could ask questions and interact live with our presenters. It became a truly immersive experience – powerfully connecting the new bike, the dealership and the brand together.

Results? Phenomenal…and still building. Nearly 70% of those guests participating in the virtual workshop then booked a test ride and from those, 50% to date have now bought the bike.

Deeper Blue made it effortless to quickly move from a traditional sales journey to an innovative virtual experience for our customers. Our viewers absolutely loved the programme and we’re truly delighted with the results.
We want more!

Dan Fulford, Triumph Sales Manager, UK

Deeper Blue was responsible for the concept, content, scripting, filming, live streaming and post-event measurement – a true turn-key operation.

It heralds an insightful and innovative channel to showcase products in a manner that is nimble, personable and keeps the customer desires right at its core. It helps build advocacy…and all at the right price point with proven existing technology.

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