Bringing clarity, engagement and simplicity to animated communications

Thanks to the enormity of content shared via social media channels, the average human’s attention span is around eight seconds.

That’s one second less than a goldfish.

So when Opel asked us to communicate OnStar, their new in-car ‘personal connectivity and service assistant’, to existing and new customers, we needed a creative solution that was as simple, intuitive and engaging as the system is to use.

Our first task was to crunch-down a vast amount of technological detail to a series of 60-second stories. We created eight unique animations about everyday motoring situations. Warm, witty and clear, each showed how OnStar better supports everyday life. Featuring typical members of a modern family, we turned technological features into relevant and easily understandable benefits.

Critically acclaimed, the animations were translated into eight languages and uploaded onto Opel’s YouTube channel and website.

The films featured across a pan-European dealer training programme and are now being used 24/7 to attract and inform millions of customers about OnStar.