Moving the European Network from ‘Good’ to ‘Better’ to ‘Best’

Opel realised that its traditional sales model was fast becoming redundant. Customers were developing new digital habits to compare, consider and purchase cars, and Opel’s European dealer network needed to respond quickly.

Opel’s vision was to become Europe’s automotive digital pioneer and turned to Deeper Blue to help support and deliver a long-term programme of change. ‘Good. Better. Best.’ set-out to generate more leads, improve qualification and response times, all underpinned by a clear set of performance targets.

A European roadshow, incorporating a number of international guest speakers, then launched the programme. The content defined critical touchpoints along the customer lifecycle, explained every step of the buying journey and demonstrated how to consistently delight customers by becoming brilliant at the basics of selling.


We retained a high level focus through a series of roadshows, staged forums, digital manuals, and films and animations. Our online dealer checklist was constantly monitored by senior management, helped to provide momentum and highlighted where support was most needed.

The ‘Good. Better. Best.’ programme transformed the attitudes of sales teams and led to more leads, faster response times, higher appointment conversions and more sales closed. It’s been good for customers, and even better for Opel’s Network performance.