Aftersales is the new automotive battlefield

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Our mandate was to design and produce compelling communications that made the complex customer care focus simple and easy to understand at all levels across Europe within an Opel/Vauxhall dealership.

We designed a transformational Aftersales programme called ‘ABC’ – showing how Opel & Vauxhall will attract customers back to the network for servicing, maintenance and repair; build relationships; to then personalise and customise that relationship where it then sustains and supports longstanding customer trust and confidence. All driving towards ‘customers for life’.

Our writers, designers and film-makers produced sets of powerful communication tools. They include: insightful, engaging documentary films with an emphasis on best practice exchange, stylish introductory animations, impactful workshop content, digital capture and clear evaluation analysis.

Critically, we designed a new online training portal that underpinned and carried all exposure to ABC to over 55,000 Opel aftersales staff across 5,500 dealer locations in Europe.