Technology meets football’s finest

According to research 60% of people watch TV at an angle and not straight on! LG’s new Nano Cell TV allows you to watch TV, and see its full splendour, even at a 60 degree angle. Our challenge was to create a launch event to showcase the brilliance of this new technology.

We created the ‘Nano Cell Super Match’ event which pitted two international football stars against each other in a unique shoot-out competition between Steven Gerrard and Adam Lallana. To create more hype we invited top Sports Vloggers with massive audiences to the event, where they took part in a match of their own, met the players and had access to exclusive content throughout the day which they could upload to their own channels.

Positioned at a 60 degree angle from a dual-sided screen (one side LG’s Nano Cell TV, and the other a conventional TV), Gerrard and Lallana skilfully aimed the ball at the numbered boxes, trying to gain as many points as possible.


Over 100 million film views, 4 million social media interactions, with the video topping Advertising Age’s Viral Video Chart for two consecutive weeks.