Dramatic car-to-car filming in an immersive experience

It’s ambitious. Two seperate technically complex films, each with months of planning behind them. Two crews ready to go and only a seven hour window to shoot both films. Pressure… what pressure?!

We produced two separate films, both shot at Ascari race circuit in Spain, to fully demonstrate the potency of the new RC F and for use across multiple channels to target different audiences.

In the 2D film we used hi-speed cameras and drones capturing slo-mo and aerial shots. These were cut together with dramatic car-to-car filming, supported by infographic captions providing an exhilaratingly fast ride.

In the 3D film we used specialist 360° cameras mounted both on the cars and trackside to capture the racing sequences. Virtual reality headsets and a dynamic soundscape simulated participation in the race, transporting them into the heart of the track action. Allowing the driver a thrilling, immersive 360° experience.


Lexus dealers, the media and public loved the results: social media hits exceeded every expectation. The films are available via an app on tablet or phone, using their built-in accelerometers to navigate across the VR experience.