‘Lexus Product Power’

By introducing three new cars, the GS, IS and NX, Lexus was revitalising its product range. We revealed the notion of ‘Product Power’ – conveying emotional appeal alongside the luxury brand’s established reputation for quality, craftsmanship and outstanding customer service.

Over three years, we repositioned their launch approach to design, engineering and driving, whilst in parallel, challenging the traditional approach to network training events. We wanted to embrace Lexus’ European network with a more innovative and dynamic programme, bringing its core brand values into focus.

Highlighting Lexus’s Japanese heritage as a point of difference, we created content-rich workshops and drive experiences that were full of engaging stories that dealers could then take back to their dealerships.


Our ‘Product Power’ message reached over 4,500 delegates from 18 countries in nine languages. Over the three European launch events, we recorded dealer launch satisfaction levels at 93% – their best ever scores.