Engaging a new UHNWI’s audience at their leisure

The summer of 2020 was not an easy time to activate with Covid-19 setting us all unimaginable challenges in our business and our lives.

However, it also created a great opportunity to connect with the UK’s UHNWI’s as they spent their leisure time here rather than abroad.

Lamborghini asked us to help them deliver Covid-19 secure test drive programme that would add a new set of highly qualified customers to their sales funnel.

Careful planning and a positive attitude was the key to the delivery of this programme over three-weeks in August in two very exclusive locations.

With limited events taking place due to Covid-19, the Deeper Blue team used their local knowledge and connections to develop a varied network of partners that attracted clientele who might be interested to consider a Lamborghini.

We then subtly communicated with their VIP guests and offered them the opportunity to safely test-drive either the Huracán or Urus along pre-planned routes in the surrounding areas.

Impact: With a short timeline and the constraints of Covid-19 meant the brand and Deeper Blue team pulled together to deliver a highly effective and safe programme that exceeded all expectations.

Test-drive KPIs were exceeded by over 100% and 95% of the qualified leads that were generated were new to the brand and the network.