World-class design and delivery and tangible sales outcomes

With over 350,000 visitors, Goodwood Festival of Speed is the pivotal motor event in the UK’s automotive calendar. In 2018, we were awarded a three-year contract to design, deliver and curate the experience for the world’s most iconic luxury brand.

Our brief: Challenge public perceptions of brand and create an environment were those interested in considering one of these beautiful cars could do so at their leisure.

We wanted to create a magical ‘wow moments’ for all the guests.

We wanted to bring the factory right onto and into the heart of the stand and highlight the craft stories from within.

We wanted to progress the luxurious nature and experience within the VIP Lounge and create a guest environment to truly cement desire.

We wanted to offer inclusiveness rather than exclusiveness to all visitors and and to be open, more relaxed and ‘warmer’ as a brand.


Not only did we achieve the above to deliver a truly world class experience for guests and VIPs alike, we helped to ensure that the brand team significantly exceeded both their customer engagement and sales targets. But don’t just take our word for it…

“I’m incredibly proud of the stand. It has had great acclaim and we’ve beaten all previous records of guests and direct sales of any of our stands, anywhere in the world.” – Marketing Events Manager, Luxury Automotive Brand