Turning Citrix into ‘Food Heroes’

Wasted food isn’t always a corporate priority, but it was to Citrix’s credit that they
noticed the mountains of food left in their Bangalore cafeteria, on employee plates.

Could Deeper Blue help change their attitudes and behaviours?

All our work begins with research, so we spoke to employees, then assessed their responses. Armed with insights, the next step was to design a compelling way to convey the message about loading less on plates. Our simple, direct but powerful solution was to create Citrix ‘Food Heroes’. Badges were given to anyone leaving the cafeteria with no leftovers and ‘heroes’ were interviewed on video, explaining why they avoided waste. These solutions, in addition to the creation of a separate powerful and emotive ‘Food Heroes’ film helped to deliver home the message.

The attitudes immediately began to change. The Citrix teams began to adopt the recommendations we put forward, topping up smaller plates based on real appetite rather than filling larger ones irrespective of need. Food waste dropped to almost zero, as peer pressure also kicked in.


Universal awareness of the issue drove internal discussion, debate and in turn a changed behaviour with much better eating habits. Over 30% reduction on food costs plus what little waste is now left is now donated for recycling and employees are working on an app to help embed further anti-waste best practice within the business.