Reuters Automotive Conference: Munich June 2022

ICE powertrains are at the end of the road

Consequently, policy updates and government pressure are building. As we all prepare for an all-electric future, we are still facing challenges across battery, range, charging, 5G connectivity and more.

Deeper Blue attended the Reuters Events Automotive Europe 2022 in Munich to check out the latest EV trends and thinking across electrification, battery, engineering and subscription service. It truly offered two days of revelatory content, problem-solving and networking.

The key interactive topics covered:

An industry overview on EV challenges, strategies and solutions

  • An industry overview on EV challenges, strategies and solutions
  • Exploring the most effective battery and alternative fuel technologies to secure a cleaner future
  • A look at the future value chain, ownership, mobility, routes-to-market and Agency strategy for EVs
  • A detailed discussion on range versus cost including weight, safety and sustainability
  • The latest on infrastructure, charging and software connectivity challenges, developments and solutions

E-mobility, connected products, SaaS, new business models, heightened customer experience & safe autonomous driving is at the core of leading brands thinking as they plot through the strategies and steps to 2035. It’s very clear given the debate at this conference that the transformational change across EV design and engineering needs to also rapidly extend into and across the dealer networks as they grapple with the challenge of guiding ICE customers onto the right EV platforms. Simply, the end-to-end CX EV journey from consideration, purchase, ownership and then resale needs to be carefully mapped to ensure all OEM touchpoints are secured with properly trained teams in full support. For the OEM, this includes the downstream value chain of EV as a mobility solution for its 2nd lifecycle. True ‘vehicle lifetime value’.

It’s also apparent that in other parts of the world the real-world charging process is getting rapidly connected too including car, credit cards/bank, charging station and retail brands so that the customer has a smooth, fast experience with well supported shopping options to ensure the emerging optimum 20-30 mins ‘fast’ charging time’ locations are attractive and fully utilised.

Deeper Blue are passionate about the EV transformation that’s upon us and passionate too about providing world-class training that truly connects and engages.

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‘Pictures courtesy of Reuters Automotive Conference – Munich 2022’