Sustained Engagement

The Deeper Blue difference

“From the customer’s perspective, sustained brand engagement means a willingness to go further than just the utilitarian act of consuming, its investing something beyond money into the relationship – your heart, your emotions, your expectations.”
Dr. Oliver Oullier, Professor of Behavioural and Brain Sciences at the Aix-Marseille University

We strongly believe that for too long, so many ‘live experiences’ are a flash in the pan – brilliant moments for sure …however, they soon fade and are largely forgotten.

Our approach is different.

We seek to cut-through to the heart of the matter to then engage individuals and teams and inspire them to action in an enduring sustained way whilst growing value, recognition and loyalty.

To help create the right attitudes and behaviours for this sustained engagement change process, our agency approach is insightful, disruptive and empowering. Questioning, probing and seeking out the right stories then using both live and digital channels to connect, integrate and ultimately persuade the business audiences.

Our simple, proven Deeper Blue ‘Sustained Engagement’ process ensures each project is approached with immersive insight gathering, interpreted, then carefully designed, superbly delivered and ultimately measured – all with the right care and attention.

Sustained Engagement

We know this process delivers powerful creative solutions that truly engages your audiences to help drive your business forward. The result is a deeper engagement which lasts far longer and creates enduring value for you and your stakeholders.

We call this approach Sustained Engagement – it’s at the heart of everything we do.


Our process starts with asking a lot of questions. Insight gathering and capturing knowledge is key for us to gain a far deeper understanding and better interpretation of the project.

  • Audience/market research/surveys
  • Communications strategy: scoping and planning
  • Story discovery; control group set up
  • Facilitated workshop discussion
  • Content interpretation and integration


With that insight, we then design at two levels: a communications platform with all content and messaging in place and a highly creative 2D and 3D ‘look and feel’ that articulates that insight brilliantly.

  • Integrated communication design across live and digital channels
  • Moving image production
  • Insight-driven 2D and 3D design and production


World-class operational delivery in all about the right processes, right tools and the right people being in place to ensure the project is fully realised, the audience thoroughly engaged and both budget and schedule tracked properly.

  • Full service meetings and events production
  • Brand immersion experiences
  • Workshops inc TTMTs
  • Exhibitions and experiential environments
  • Video, animations and VR
  • Website, microsites, gamification, apps


We believe it is our duty to tell you how effective our storytelling and work has been to the end user audiences. We measure both ourselves and the project engagement at various stages throughout the project cycle in both quantitative and qualitative terms. A thorough debrief with key learnings then kicks off the next cycle of communications.

  • Data Analysis
  • Qualitative and quantitative feedback
  • Measurement and metrics
  • Ongoing training and education
  • Budget reconciliation

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