Meet our team

Innovators, leaders and passionate collaborators… the Deeper Blue team, highly focused on delivering significant impact… sustainably

Our culture is shaped by the desire to create powerful engagement with the right communications to produce experiences that truly releases potential.

We change attitudes and behaviours to deliver improved measurable value to our clients, whilst tracking accurately the environmental impact in all that we do.

Our people

Jeremy Garbett, Founder, Deeper Blue Ltd

Jeremy Garbett

Project Director – Strategy & Creative

My early journey though fine art and design colleges became far spicier when I finally entered the real world of business communications. My wide ranging apprenticeship there across a multitude of channels including film, VT, AV and live events encouraged me to consider all the different aspects of creating engaging and effective communications.

There is a huge skill and craft in properly planning, designing and creatively profiling a product, brand or service that truly leads to attitudinal and then behavioural change. And, right now, those skills are even more vital.

We wish to be considered as a client partner, adding true value to all the work we do and being judged accordingly. We describe our approach as a more thoughtful partnership creating sustained relationships on all levels. One that delivers measurable, sustainable and profitable value for our client partners through fabulous work. | LinkedIn profile

Chris Roberts, Deeper Blue Ltd

Chris Roberts

Non-Executive Director – Automotive Specialist

I am an experienced motor industry executive who has CEO level experience in Retail Automotive and C Suite experience at an OEM level. Most recently, I was European Network Development Director for Opel/Vauxhall working within GM. My responsibilities included management of the European Dealer footprint and performance, including pan European training and development and leading their European digital sales strategy.

I have chaired and been Non-Executive Director of a number of organisations, and am currently the Business Development and Operations Director for a major UK PLC Dealer Group. | LinkedIn profile

Brian Tobin, Deeper Blue Ltd

Brian Tobin

Programme Director – Learning & Development

With my previous deep experience across the OEM world, including real world selling out in the networks, I can then easily use all that practical and tactical learning to best effect now as part of the Deeper Blue agency team helping transform brands.

Amongst the clutter of day-to-day communications, we cut through and change attitudes and behaviours of business audiences – including Toyota Europe, Lamborghini and Porsche.

We do this by offering a truly different approach, using the best of live and virtual tools and channels to then create a truly blended curriculum – fit for a new era of retailing post C-19. | LinkedIn profile

Sam Henshaw, Deeper Blue Ltd

Sam Henshaw

Head of Production – Connected & Sustainable Delivery

From live events to film production, we design, connect and integrate real and virtual communications to generate a more meaningful dialogue with the most important people in the world: yours. Crucially – we don’t just tackle your communication problems, we deliver the solution too. All pre, onsite and post-production elements on all programmes including major aspects of digital development and digital communication, team management, graphics/artwork assets and precise budget management.

My goal is to set short and long term sustainability targets for every event. Then to track measure, and report to drive constant improvement across the sustainability agenda. | LinkedIn profile

Naomi Garbett, Deeper Blue Ltd

Naomi Garbett

Senior Manager – Special Projects

With extensive logistics experience over decades delivering high-end events, I specialise in looking at the customer journey and working closely with the client team to ensure that the venue promise is actually delivered. This includes menu planning, staffing levels, quality of management and, on occasion, hosting.

I also love creating unique catering experiences for those clients who are looking for a twist and an element of surprise for the live event.

Our core associates

Philippe Duvivier, Deeper Blue Ltd

Philippe Duvivier

Psychologist – Behavioural Specialist

I have over 30 years of HR and transformational change. This includes extensive automotive experience, specialising in the internal training of premium and luxury brands. I acquired experience of major brands and their approach in various markets both at a strategic and operational level.

I have a master’s degree in psychology with a specialisation in adult education and strive to develop the ‘human dimension’ in business. My passion and involvement with Deeper Blue lies in the design and activation of programmes for leaders and managers, focused on teamwork and continuous improvement of managerial practices.

Ian Fogden, Deeper Blue Ltd

Ian Fogden

Senior Designer – Environment & Virtual

I am an award-winning expert in the events industry with a strong international reputation. My career began as a stage designer in the London theatre world, and I then went on to design for London’s Festival Ballet before becoming involved in concert staging, public events, corporate launch environments and trade shows.

I have successfully designed stands and immersive brand environments around the globe for the DB team including Samsung, Masdar, SCB, VW Group, Opel, Vauxhall, Toyota, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Lamborghini to name just a few.

Jeremy Malindine, Deeper Blue Ltd

Jeremy Malindine

Executive Trainer – Learning & Development

I have been responsible for designing, developing and delivering high quality, blended training solutions for over 8 years with Deeper Blue – whether creating integrated learning curriculums, or devising imaginative and memorable training interventions, I work with the team to draw on a uniquely creative and passionate style to bring the messages to life.

In today’s challenging sales and performance environment, I provide our partner clients with motivation, leadership and sales skills, customer service and performance management training.

Rob Butcher, Deeper Blue Ltd

Rob Butcher

Creative Director – Film & Immersive events

I have spent over 30 years working both as a creative director and film director, overseeing award-winning global, national and corporate brand immersive events and installations. As a major force within the DB team I’ve created a whole host of impactful and highly successful live communications across a number of our clients including Toyota, Fujitsu, Opel, Vauxhall and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

My industry awards include Cannes Lions, IVCA (Gold), Broadcast Pro, Dubai Film Festival and the New York and World Media Festivals (Gold).

Kurt Fraser, Deeper Blue Ltd

Kurt Fraser

Luxury – Sector Consultant

With over 15 years of experience, I have had the privilege of directing several prestigious creative, marketing and sales assignments across a range of luxury sectors, including destination tourism, luxury property, yachting and more.

I am regularly called upon to fill strategic leadership roles that help shape brands, reinvigorate marketing programmes, enhance sales effectiveness and build high performing teams.

Giovanni Maiello, Deeper Blue Ltd

Gio Maiello

Speaker Support – Programmer

With over 30 years’ experience in the events industry, I have all the skills at hand to deliver dynamic presentations. As well as producing the graphics, I also travel the globe to help support the Deeper Blue presentations onsite.

In a constantly changing environment, where expectations are high, deadlines demanding and budgets tight … I still strive to put creativity at the forefront of what I deliver to the client, which is why my partnership with Deeper Blue is the perfect match.

Jeremy Clarke, Deeper Blue Ltd

Jeremy Clarke

Senior Producer – Film & Digital

As senior producer, the focus of my work is to produce engaging, authentic and powerful films for our clients. The role requires me to lead both live action and animation productions from initial creative treatment through to final delivery. I’ve worked across many of our clients such as Lexus, Opel and LG – and as obvious as it might sound the best thing about working for Deeper Blue is the people.

There is always a really great team spirit on each and every project that not only exists within the core team but extends out to the large pool of creative and talented freelancers we work with and, of course, the clients too.

Tom Galbraith, Deeper Blue Ltd

Tom Galbraith

Speaker Support – Programmer

I have worked with the Deeper Blue team for over 12 years on face to face content planning and storyboarding, content design and animation implementation, theme design and brand consistency and on-site support throughout many of their client live events.

My speciality is with content production in PowerPoint templates, some of which are multi lingual therefore taking me across the globe with the DB team.

I really enjoy working across the different teams within DB, and all of the different clients that comes with our partnership.

Sol Oliver, Deeper Blue Ltd

Solveig Oliver

Senior Designer – Graphics

My experience with the founders of Deeper Blue goes back over 25 years to the halcyon days of Spectrum Communications. Ever since, I’ve had the pleasure of creating 2D graphics and illustration solutions on a plethora of wide and varied projects that never cease to challenge and engage be it a name badge, vast wall graphics, workbooks, manuals, storyboards, identities.

I love it when a brief comes in, as I can really let my hair down and get creative!

Matt Onslow, Deeper Blue Ltd

Matt Onslow

Senior Project Manager – Live & Virtual

As a senior project manager, I have over 15 years’ experience designing, managing and delivering a wide range of events throughout the UK and Worldwide. My experience spans event management and delivery in a variety of sectors, including experiential automotive, retailer product launches, learning and development, press, marketing and conferences.

During this time, I have had the privilege of delivering events and projects for prestigious brands and organisations, on time and to budget, using cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques. This culminates in the successful delivery of memorable events and maximising participant engagement.

Issy Arthur, Deeper Blue Ltd

Issy Arthur

Senior Project Manager – Live & Virtual

I have deep experience delivering programmes and events for over 12 year, and with Deeper Blue I have led a number of projects, working alongside brands such as McLaren, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Toyota Europe & Lexus.

This work included large-scale transformation programmes across Europe, involving detailed event management, scheduling & planning.

As part of the Deeper Blue team I enjoy working alongside clients to bring their vision to life.

Sarah Geal, Deeper Blue Ltd

Sarah Geal

Senior Project Manager – Live & Virtual

My extensive project management skillset has been developed and directed to help support DB’s insight-driven solutions for corporate organisations across industry sectors including IT, telecoms, automotive, pharmaceutical and luxury brands.

My expertise has in particular helped drive cultural change in our work with Jeep across Asia-Pacific, Cadillac’s relaunch programme in Europe and with Rolls-Motor Cars European test drive programme

Chuck Crampton, Deeper Blue Ltd

Chuck Crampton

Technical Director – Production

With over 40 years of experience in live event production – I have worked with a multitude of clients across the world. I am responsible for the overall direction of technical production, including sourcing trusted suppliers and ensuring that high-quality production standards are met.

I love being able to bring together my knowledge of local and more far flung suppliers, and helping to deliver the best for our clients.

Finally, in everything that we do we look to design and then deliver in a sustainable approach across all areas.

Chris Omand, Deeper Blue Ltd

Chris Omand

Director of Photography – Film & Virtual

Director of Photography with vast experience in documentaries, entertainment, corporate, online content and commercials. My background has helped me to become versatile in different styles of shooting.

As a filmmaker in the automotive sector, I work closely with the Deeper Blue team in storyboarding and then filming vehicles in various locations and environments across the globe.