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We place people at the heart of all we do

Our own culture, our own teams are shaped by the desire to create powerful sustained engagement with the right communications and to produce experiences that truly empower audiences. We want to change attitudes and behaviours to deliver improved measurable value to our clients and their respective communities.

So if we are your agency, nothing matters more than the people we select to work with you.

Talented, fun and wise beyond their years …why not meet them?

Group HQ: Europe

Jeremy Garbett, Founder, Deeper Blue Ltd

Jeremy Garbett

Founding Director

My early journey though fine art and design colleges became far spicier when I finally entered the real world of business communications. My wide ranging apprenticeship there across a multitude of channels including film, VT, AV and live events encouraged me to consider all the different aspects of creating engaging and effective communications.

There is a huge skill and craft in properly planning, designing and creatively profiling a product, brand or service that truly leads to attitudinal and then behavioural change. And, right now, those skills are even more vital.

We wish to be considered as a client partner, adding true value to all the work we do and being judged accordingly. We describe our approach as a more thoughtful partnership creating sustained relationships on all levels. One that delivers measurable and profitable value for our client partners through fabulous work.

jeremy@deeperblueltd.com | LinkedIn profile

Laurence Croneen, Founder, Deeper Blue Ltd

Laurence Croneen

Founding Director

Gathering people together remains such as strong and powerful experience. It provides a richer, and more emotional connection that has the potential to engage and move people.

For this reason, I’m even more excited about the future possibilities for our agency, and even more relived that I decided to make a career in the marketing discipline that has been diversely described as industrial theatre; face-to-face; live events and experiential.

Whatever descriptive you use, our industry remains a unique stepping stone for brands to truly engage with their most important audiences. Deeper Blue’s point of difference is to extend that engagement over a longer period of time – generating sustained value and dispelling the myth that events can be a ‘one-hit wonder’.

The gathering of experience over the past two decades has provided me an invaluable foundation. The grafting of that experience with tomorrow’s technologies and methods of communication will determine our success. It’s about adopting alternative mind-sets and challenging new ways of thinking. Which is why the spirit and flexibility of our Deeper Blue agency is better positioned to tackle the future than the big, hulking beasts of yesteryear’s Marketing Services conglomerates who want you to connect on their terms rather than on yours.

We think there’s a better way to connect with you.

laurence@deeperblueltd.com | LinkedIn profile

Charlotte Edwards, Deeper Blue Ltd

Charlotte Edwards

Executive Communications Producer

As an Executive Producer, no day is ever the same! From delivering behavioural change projects for some of the biggest and well-known automotive brands, through to implementing organisational wide training programmes and creating large-scale immersive events, I love the variety and challenge of each new project. Being part of a creative team which puts insight and impact at its core, we really understand what outcomes our clients want, and make them happen. Deeper Blue is about so much more than creating innovative experiences, we work in partnership with our clients to deliver genuine sustained engagement, making change stick.

charlotte@deeperblueltd.com | LinkedIn profile

Paul Barton

Paul Barton

Head of Business Development

Building understanding, trust and having open lines of communication helps to ensure the delivery of successful projects and long lasting relationships. It’s that initial relationship building where we define what our clients challenges and how we can help them to overcome them that I really enjoy. One of our biggest clients recently told me that ‘every time I come to Deeper Blue with a problem and they solve it for me in an innovative and effective way’. It’s great to have the confidence in knowing that’s what our partners think of us.

Deeper Blue has delivered incredible results across a wide range of industry sectors and we offer businesses and brands more than just a here and now solution. With every project, we consider how our delivery will have a lasting legacy and will sustain engagement over the medium and longer term.

paul@deeperblueltd.com | LinkedIn profile

Sam Henshaw, Deeper Blue Ltd

Sam Henshaw

Head of Production

From live events to film production, we design, connect and integrate real and virtual communications to generate a more meaningful dialogue with the most important people in the world: yours. Crucially – we don’t just tackle your communication problems, we deliver the solution too. All pre, onsite and post-production elements on all programmes including major aspects of digital development and digital communication, team management, graphics/artwork assets and precise budget management.

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Asia HQ: India

Victor Maxwell

Vice President

My event management experience spans over over 22 years, ranging from large scale to smaller sized events for various global corporate clients. During my long tenure in the industry I have gained significant insight and experience into event production, including planning & execution, client servicing, branding, promotion and operations. With strong expertise in client and stakeholder engagement, I have a proven track record of managing operations efficiently.

victor@deeperblueasia.com | LinkedIn profile

Punith Krishna

Senior Operations Manager

As a Senior Operations Manager I enjoy working closely with clients and vendors to produce, execute and manage winning events along with my team. I have inculcated the ability of patiently listening to the client’s needs to then develop their vision into a successful event. Deeper Blue has provided me a platform to use my analytical skills to enhance a detailed and comprehensive plan to implement a successful event. My meticulous attention to operational systems, along with my ability to think outside the box, enables me to conceptualise, map and scrutinise the onsite execution of events to provide thorough and precise services to our clients.

punith@deeperblueasia.com | LinkedIn profile

Lajja Reshamwala

Head of Business Development

Part of business development is being passionate about your agency, and the brilliant work we are doing with our clients makes my job and talking about Deeper Blue a very exciting one. Much of my time is out of the office at client meetings, networking events or seminar sessions about our industry, which is something that I am truly passionate about. Part of my role is marketing, social media and PR – which tackles some very important elements in our industry. I enjoy looking for new and interesting content to share and talk about, and Deeper Blue’s deep rooted knowledge of blending live and digital spans not only across the events we deliver for our clients, but what we are sharing with our audiences.

lajja@deeperblueasia.com | LinkedIn profile

Kiran Mondal, Deeper Blue Asia Pacific

Kiran Mondal

Account Executive

My trademark skills of problem solving, inventiveness and flexibility to help our clients produce variety of events have flourished over the last year with Deeper Blue Asia-Pacific. I have excelled at logistics and operations, and my attention to detail means that meetings and events go smoothly from concept to completion. At Deeper Blue Asia-Pacific I’m always wearing multiple hats, responding quickly to changing circumstances, whilst always maintaining an upbeat, can-do attitude.

Deeper Blue has distinguished itself in the event management market by creating, producing and managing outstanding events that exceed our clients’ expectations not only in terms of value, but also service and innovation.

kiran@deeperblueasia.com | LinkedIn profile

Charmaine Pinto Santosh

Senior Manager, HR & Administration

As an experienced administrator and human resources specialist, and I am adept to trouble-shooting and negotiating talents.  My multi-facetted role sees me handle a variety of assignments simultaneously, making me an agile member of our Deeper Blue team. From building our ever expanding team, to providing administrative support, and assisting with finances/budgeting; my job certainly keeps me on my toes!

charmaine@deeperblueasia.com | LinkedIn profile

Our Core Partners

Jeremy Malindine, Deeper Blue Ltd

Jeremy Malindine

Partner, Head of Training

I have been responsible for designing, developing and delivering high quality, blended training solutions for over 8 years with Deeper Blue – whether creating integrated learning curriculums, or devising imaginative and memorable training interventions, I work with the team to draw on a uniquely creative and passionate style to bring the messages to life. In today’s challenging sales and performance environment, I provide our partner clients with motivation, leadership and sales skills, customer service and performance management training.

Martin McKean, Deeper Blue Ltd

Martin McKean

Partner, Executive Film Producer

I am a writer, director and producer who tells powerful stories that ignite passion, change attitudes and behaviours, and help people to think differently. As Deeper Blue’s Moving Image Creative Director/Executive Producer, I bring over 20 years of leading edge communications experience to our projects and manage a world-class team of writers, directors, producers, composers, editors, animators and motion graphics artists.

Sally Smith, Deeper Blue Ltd

Sally Smith

Partner, Head of Insight

I am an industry communications specialist with extensive automotive experience, ranging from board level experience within several UK automotive brands to overseeing a number of customer experience and business change initiatives. Part of my role within Deeper Blue is to use executive coaching to deliver cultural change programmes, and I provide a different approach to standard consultancy by creating cascading change. My work with the DB team is always exciting – and I cannot wait to see what is next for the agency.

Bill Bows, Deeper Blue Ltd

Bill Bows

Partner, Senior Writer

A former secondary school teacher and city journalist, I am a writer and communications consultant with expertise in teasing out, shaping and delivering the messages underpinning a Deeper Blue event, initiative or campaign. Among other projects, I have led content development on a series of Toyota Always a Better Live events, the Vauxhall Connected roadshow and the Opel/Vauxhall Good Better Best and ABC Aftersales training programmes. I am now looking forward to working on some new projects and really getting under the skin of our new clients.

Mark Oglesby, Deeper Blue Ltd

Mark Oglesby

Partner, Senior Writer

I have worked as part of the extended Deeper Blue team for many years, however the passage of time has not dimmed by enthusiasm for writing about leadership and management, products and services, and strategies and plans. Most of my expertise has involved cars and car companies, and my choice of adjectives and pithy phrases span across speeches and videos to websites and print.

Kurt Fraser, Deeper Blue Ltd

Kurt Fraser

Partner, Luxury Sector

With over 15 years of experience, I have had the privilege of directing several prestigious creative, marketing and sales assignments across a range of luxury sectors, including destination tourism, luxury property, yachting and more. I am regularly called upon to fill strategic leadership roles that help shape brands, reinvigorate marketing programmes, enhance sales effectiveness and build high performing teams.

Ian Fogden

Partner, 3D Design Director

I am an award-winning expert in the events industry with a strong international reputation. My career began as a stage designer in the London Theatres, and I then went on to design for London’s Festival Ballet before becoming involved in concert staging, public events, corporate launch environments and trade shows.

I have successfully designed stands and immersive brand environments around the globe for the DB team including Samsung, Masdar, SCB, VW Group, Opel, Vauxhall, Toyota and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars to name just a few.

Jackie Brew, Deeper Blue Ltd

Jackie Brew

Partner, Healthcare Sector

As an extensively-experienced events professional I work with Deeper Blue to provide expert advice and solutions for their events in the highly-regulated pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare sectors where understanding industry compliance is ever-more critical. Having spent over 16 years planning, managing and delivering events I have deep insight into what generates innovative and flawless meetings, adding value and exceeding client expectations in the fast-paced, demanding and changeable pharmaceutical world, delivering high quality and industry-compliant live events for clients in the UK and overseas.

Rob Butcher, Deeper Blue Ltd

Robert Butcher

Partner, Creative Director

I have spent over 30 years working both as a creative director and film director, overseeing award-winning global, national and corporate brand immersive events and installations. As a major force within the DB team I’ve created a whole host of impactful and highly successful live communications across a number of our clients including Toyota, Fujitsu, Opel, Vauxhall and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

My industry awards include Cannes Lions, IVCA (Gold), Broadcast Pro, Dubai Film Festival and the New York and World Media Festivals (Gold).

Giovanni Maiello, Deeper Blue Ltd

Giovanni Maiello

Partner, Senior PPT & Keynote Programmer

With over 30 years’ experience in the events industry, I have all the skills at hand to deliver dynamic presentations. As well as producing the graphics, I also travel the world to run the Deeper Blue presentations onsite. In a constantly changing environment, where expectations are high, deadlines demanding and budgets tight …I still strive to put creativity at the forefront of what I deliver to the client, which is why my partnership with Deeper Blue is the perfect match.

Amy Burns, Deeper Blue Ltd

Amy Burns

Partner, Executive Producer

As a Producer, I can happily say that life is never boring! Working across multiple industries my role is to deliver new and innovative solutions to client challenges; be that attracting new audiences, driving behavioural change or delivering training programmes that genuinely produce sustained engagement. As well as guiding on strategy, I love to design and deliver unique environments, both live and digital, that capture the hearts and minds of the target audience. Here at Deeper Blue, our clients love us because we become an extension of their team – immersing ourselves in their world ensuring that we are on brand and on message every time.

Jeremy Clarke, Deeper Blue Ltd

Jeremy Clarke

Partner, Senior Film Producer

As Senior Moving Image Producer, the focus of my work is to produce engaging, authentic and powerful films for Deeper Blue’s clients. The role requires me to lead both live action and animation productions from initial creative treatment through to final delivery. I’ve worked across many of Deeper Blue’s clients such as Lexus, Opel and LG – and as obvious as it might sound the best thing about working for Deeper Blue is the people. There is always a really great team spirit on each and every project that not only exists within the core team but extends out to the large pool of creative and talented freelancers we work with and, of course, the clients too.

Tom Galbraith, Deeper Blue Ltd

Tom Galbraith

Partner, Senior PPT & Keynote Programmer

I have worked with the Deeper Blue team for over 8 years on face to face content planning and storyboarding, content design and animation implementation, theme design and brand consistency and on-site support throughout many of their client live events. My speciality is with content production in PowerPoint templates, some of which are multi lingual therefore taking me across the globe with the DB team. I really enjoy working across the different teams within DB, and all of the different clients that comes with our partnership.

Sol Oliver, Deeper Blue Ltd

Sol Oliver

Partner, Senior 2D Designer

My experience with the founders of Deeper Blue goes back over 25 years to the halcyon days of Spectrum Communications. Ever since, I’ve had the pleasure of creating 2D graphics and illustration solutions on a plethora of wide and varied projects that never cease to challenge and engage be it a name badge, vast wall graphics, workbooks, manuals, storyboards, identities. I love it when a brief comes in from Deeper Blue, as I can really let my hair down and get creative!

Chuck Crampton, Deeper Blue Ltd

Chuck Crampton

Partner, Technical Director

With over 40 years of experience in live event production – I have worked with a multitude of clients across the world. I am responsible for the overall direction of technical production, including sourcing trusted suppliers and ensuring that high-quality production standards are met. I love being able to bring together my knowledge of local and more far flung suppliers, and helping to deliver the best for our clients.

Sarah Geal, Deeper Blue Ltd

Sarah Geal

Senior Project Manager

Sarah’s extensive project management skillset has been developed and directed to help support DB’s insight-driven solutions for corporate organisations across industry sectors including IT, telecoms, automotive, pharmaceutical and luxury brands. Sarah’s expertise has in particular helped drive cultural change in our work with Jeep across Asia-Pacific and Cadillac’s relaunch programme in Europe.

Naomi Garbett, Deeper Blue Ltd

Naomi Garbett

Partner, Special Projects

From live events to film production, we design, connect and integrate real and virtual communications to generate a more meaningful dialogue with the most important people in the world: yours. Crucially – we don’t just tackle your communication problems, we deliver the solution too. All pre, onsite and post production elements on communication programmes including major aspects of digital development and digital communication, team management, graphics and artwork assets, content development and precise budget management.

Emma Bond, Deeper Blue Ltd

Emma Bond

Partner, Brand Specialist

I hold a real understanding of luxury brands, high net-worth customers and the marketing tools to attract them. With more than 10 years of expertise in automotive marketing I am highly experienced in translating manufacturer and regional driven objectives to real world deliverables. Working in dynamic and constantly evolving environments, I have developed the ability to work efficiently on both planned and ad hoc projects with a keen eye for detail, reacting to changeable briefs while maintaining exceptionally high standards. I can offer insight to the marketing role from a manufacturer and dealer perspective as well as a diverse understanding of regional differences a luxury brand faces with genuine experience within the luxury sector.

Chris Omand, Deeper Blue Ltd

Chris Omand

Partner, Director of Photography

Chris is one of Deeper Blue’s esteemed cameramen and he thoroughly enjoys helping to create fantastic films, whether it’s a considered information piece or a dynamic car power test.