About Deeper Blue

About us

Since we began in 2009, Deeper Blue has carefully formed a strong world-wide reputation for delivering events and communications that have lasting impact and deliver enhanced value using our Sustained Engagement model.

Our two Founding Directors, Jeremy Garbett and Laurence Croneen have, between them, many decades of live communications experience. Having risen to global executive roles within Jack Morton Worldwide, they then decided to form Deeper Blue. They spotted an opportunity to make a real and direct difference for their immediate clients and their own agency folk: to be much more nimble, to positively challenge and disrupt, to measure work in different ways and to ultimately develop long-term behavioural change that visibly improves brands. Their respective experiences, innovative approach and strong ethics keep them involved with all our key clients to add real value to both form and broaden our client relationships.

The collective Deeper Blue team brings significant experience across multiple industry sectors. We have a proven track record of blending live and digital solutions that have redefined the events landscape and guided brands to the extraordinary impact properly planned and integrated communications can make.

Hear first hand from our Deeper Blue Founding Directors, Jeremy Garbett and Laurence Croneen, in an interview with Nicki Shields: